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My name is Antoinette Kotchounian, D.C. I became a Certified Body Code Practitioner in 2016. I became a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner in 2015. The Body Code is a technique that allows trapped negative emotions and other energy stresses to be released from the body with the use of a magnet. This is a non-invasive but effective way to ease stress and possibly even pain that can be trapped within the body systems and energy field. These trapped negative energies may have been contributing to ill-health.

In essence, I am a facilitator. I help you to move in the healthier direction that you need at that moment in time. Along with a case history, I use muscle testing to help identify the trapped negative energies that preventing you from healing. I also use muscle testing to determine if there are any toxicities and/or nutritional deficiencies. Together we will strive to remove any interference or imbalances that are preventing you from a healthier life. This in turn can cause you to influence others into improving their lives. 

My work is intended to be harmonious with any and all other healing you undertake, including traditional Western medicine.

People have reported many positive changes in their lives after having energy work performed on them and their loved ones. They have reported experiencing:

  1.  A decrease in or remission of pain

  2.  A decrease in anxiety or depression levels

  3.  Feeling less agitated or angry

  4.  Relief during grieving process

  5.  Relief in healing post-surgery

  6.  Relief in PTSD recovery

  7.   Feeling more connected to people/ increased harmony in   relationships

  8.   Reaching a point where they feel able to forgive

  9.   A deeper spiritual connection

It's not a cure-all but energy healing can benefit anyone no matter what stage of life they are in.