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We can do this work together either in person or remotely. Many of my clients are not within driving distance so a remote session (phone) may be necessary.

There's no special dress required. If we are working together via phone, we just need a clear connection. I accept cash, check or credit card. If we go over the allotted time frame, I charge $20.00 every 15 extra minutes. Or we can schedule another session. Please contact me if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment.


'I believe the body has the ability to heal; that healing comes from within each one of us. We may discuss major stressors in your life, your belief system, health history, your childhood, and any other issues that can influence your emotional and physical health and wellness.

I AM NOT a psychiatrist, counselor, psychic or magician. I DO NOT diagnose or claim to cure any illness or disease. I DO NOT advise you to discontinue any medical treatments you may already be receiving. In fact, at all times, your healing is your responsibility. I will help you release trapped negative energies within the body that may be interfering with your health and general well-being. I DO NOT prescribe drugs. I do sell nutritional supplements and homeopathic remedies to support this type of healing. My work is intended to be harmonious with any and all other healing you undertake including traditional medicine.